Training & auditing

Risks depend on the types of the activites, the work locations, the working environments and the conditions under which the activities must be conducted and the complexity of the work.  It’s on the man-machine interface, also called the shopfloor, that the actual exposures to risks occur.  It’s imperative that first line supervisors actively embrace and support the safety strategy and the mission defined by senior management.  This takes a combination of training and something more; something we can deliver, ‘Risk Based Thinking’!

Traditionally training is used to underscore the importance of safety.  However, unless it adequately  identifies the risks, the quotient of frequency and effect, training can’t realize its full potential?  Often, it does not.  It simply can’t because it isn’t designed around risk based thinking. We can help.

Part of our system, an element of our practical approach to execution, brings you a simple, yet powerful, tool called LMRA (Last Minute Risk Analysis). It performs a quick, final  check before executing any risk containing activities.  We’ll show you how to do it.

Beside this, audits (using programs like STOP®) can be implemented to evaluate current  practice contrasted with theory, giving you an added tool for identifying the main risks.  Involving in audits those responsible for completing the work as well as their direct leaders,  has the sole purpose of training and making them self-supporting.  This way, a self supporting and self-learning organization is being created.  We can bring the tools in-house for you.

STOP® is a DuPont registered trademark.