After his former employer Vopak, Noël started in my department Manufacturing & Logistics. As a strong content manager, as well as an inspiring people manager, created significant visisbility of the EHS&S department within the factories. By doing this, he largely increased safety awareness. During his term, I got to know him as result-oriented, where he looks at all different angles without being too short sighted. He dares to name things and make decisions. As a person he is amiable, but strong and knowledgeable and able to strike the right tone to both management and production staff.
Theo Bartraij, Senior Vice President Manufacturing & Logistics, ASML Netherlands B.V.
Noël has worked for ASML close to 3 years (2012-2015) in the position of manager EHS and Security. After his start, he made an in-depth analysis and developed a long-term plan to increase safety awareness and knowledge. This was presented to me and factory management in the world-wide safety meeting. In his role he showed in depth knowledge and experience in the area of EHS by which he supported ASML’s safety strategy and safety roadmap. Noël is a flexible, social and pleasant colleague to work with in a team -and/or personal assignment.
Frederic Schneider-Maunoury, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer ASML
I have had continuous contact with Noël during his tenure at ASML. Heading up the Corporate Risk Assurance department, my primary role is to set risk appetite with senior executives. Safety has been defined as a top priority by the Board. Noël proved to be capable of defining the programs to be executed to support our senior executives and drive a cultural change. In this process, we are very dependent on the support of line management to get things done. Noël has been able to work with line management and build a supporting EHS organization.
In my liaison with Noël, I always appreciated his enthusiasm and constructive criticism. Once clear on the objectives, he was always very diligent in their implementation.
Martin Reinecke, Senior Director Corporate Risk & Assurance, ASML

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