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Noël Pijls – MSc. (1958) graduated at the Technical University Eindhoven, after his BSc graduation at the ‘Hogere Technische School Heerlen’.  He knows how to analyze and solve theoretical issues in a pragmatic way.  During his career, Noël worked for large international companies, predominately in the chemical industry.  He has mastered two specific skills, Operations Management and SHE (Safety, Health & Environment).  Daily practice as Operations Manager at DuPont, for example, equipped him to manage a Zero Incident safety culture from the executive office to the shop floor.  It is with this knowledge and perspective that he has dedicated his career specifically on implementing a safety culture targeted on preventing incidents and injuries at prominent companies, both nationally and globally.  He is qualified to conduct detailed incident investigations demonstrated by his significant experience in these activities and among his many academic and industry credentials,  Noël is an IFPO Certified Protection Officer.  IFPO is an internationally recognized security certification organization.

Noël has shown he has the hard management skills needed to keep an organization focused on results.  He is calm under stress.  In addition to these qualities, he is able to make connections between individuals both within and across departments.  He builds sound teams, taking care to give as much guidance as needed, while providing people as much space as possible.  Noel can be characterized as an emthathetic leader who has his eye on results!

After a career of 30 years Noël has started his own consultancy company, PromiSafe. His mission is to support clients in their journeys toward environmental, health and safety excellence, using behavioral based methods focused on the three core areas of Aiming, Shaping and Executing . His goal: realising a safe, heathy and responsible working environment!

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