Incident Investigation

Turn on the news and, unfortunately, injuries and incidents continue to happen.  It is important that we learn from them, to eliminate or at least reduce them.  By using a well-balanced system of technical, organizational and process related safety measures, we limit human failure.  By performing adequate incident investigation, we help define the basic causes (latent failures) that contributed to the incident.  It appears, in practice, that often it is a combination of latent failures that have caused the incident.  The investigation method we bring you is called Tripod and has been developed in The Netherlands by Shell and the University of Leiden.  Also our Dutch National Investigation council uses this method to find the underlying causes of large (national) incidents.

PromiSafe can help you in analysing incidents using the Tripod-Beta methodology.  This method uses detailed interviews with an broad array of stakehoders.  After that, all data are processed in a systematic way with emphasis on graphical presentation and in-depth reporting to senior management.  Based on the results of the investigation, we’ll help you discover measures to prevent re-occurence.

We use Investigator 3 or IncidentXP software for analysis and reporting.


Tripod - BTXP