Core values


PromiSafe engages in your challenges. This is not a “9-5” consultancy. We don’t watch the clock. Instead, we watch out for you!

Based on mutual agreements we will execute your project in a responsible way, connected to the shutterstock_149926697technical scope and the human dynamics. We deliver a positive, investigative attitude in advising and supporting you.


Integrity in its purest form is reliability and dignity. Your project is prepared profesionally and with great care.  On a regular basis, we will meet with you to discuss progress.

Integrity is also honesty. We provide a fair assessment of your safety risks and the feasibility of the project.  All company information, for all of our clients,  is treated with great confidentiality. Commitments and agreements are fulfilled.


Authenticity is one of the most important values in cultural change. We believe in what we do and show this in our behavior.  Safety comes from our deepest conviction; it is intrinsic.  Being congruent in thinking and acting are the basis of cultural change.  We believe in our mission, in ourselves and in our clients!