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A safe and healthy working environment contributes to the continuity of your business.  It is an integral part of Corporate Social Responsibility.  In a safe and healthy workplace, employees perform better and business processes are executed more efficiently and more effectively.  We can help you achieve and maintain this kind of workplace.  Here’s how…

PromiSafe is a dynamic organizational consulting company that brings you a pragmatic approach to environmental, health & safety issues.  Often, these issues are helped most by addressing the underlying behaviors.  Our experience and training tell us that very often a culture change is required to achieve the desired results.  Our practical, results oriented approach will guide you through the change process, with focus in three key areas:

  1. Aiming: Giving direction through strategic choices regarding environmental, health & safety concerns; strategies that provide context for moving forward.  We’ll help you answer these and other pivotal strategic questions:
    • Why does safety matter?
    • Why invest in safety?
    • Where is the focus? Is it compliance or something more?
  1. Shaping: Clearly defining consequences that follow from your choice of strategic options. With our experience, applied to your unique needs, we’ll guide you through the labirynth of decision points you’ll have to navigate to implement your strategic choices.  This process answers two fundamental questions:
    • How should the organization be structured?
    • What culture and management styles are appropriate?
  • Executing: Achieve the defined aims using a structured and managed tactical plan that answers these critical questions:
    • What are the main programs and projects?
    • How do we safeguard these by means of audits and inspections?
    • Are HR policies adapted to safety with respect to personnel hiring, evaluation and promotion?

Thorough solid industry knowledge and by means of extensive experience in the implementation of cultural change, PromiSafe is the ideal partner for both advice and implementation of your environmental, health and safety programs.  And, in the unfortunate case of an incident, PromiSafe can help you analysing this incident using the Tripod-Beta methodology.